Your Administrators have made major upgrades to this site, but it is far from complete. An important ingredient remains unfinished. We need Rogers members to submit information about descendents of your earliest known Rogers ancestor.

The site shows Rogers family groupings based upon DNA evidence. Missing are family groupings based upon genealogical records. This important information can only by provided by you.

To have your Rogers ancestry entered permanently on the Rogers site, use the Instructions found by clicking here. Once we receive your email with your family ancestry, this information will be added to our Rogers Genealogy and Surname Database.

Researchers will be able to find common ancestors using either DNA or Genealogical records or both! In order to protect privacy, contact with other people who have submitted data will be done through administrators using our email address. We believe your Rogers site is in the forefront of surname websites. Spend some time and surf its nuances. We hope you are as excited as we are. Help complete your site by adding your Rogers data.

If you have any questions, you can email Curtis Rogers at RogersDNA@gmail.com