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    Died: ABT 1756, Lunenburg Co, VA

Union with: Janet 


    +Thomas Rodgers (b. ABT 1726, d. 1786)
     John Rodgers
    +William Rodgers (d. 1751)
     Patrick Rodgers
     Rebecca Rodgers
     Margaret Rodgers
     Elizabeth Rodgers
     Martha Rodgers
     Andrew Rodgers

 Additional information:

       Kit Number: 213406

     Submitted by: Warren Pope Rogers

     Email: barder@bellsouth.net

 Additional notes:

Source: Mrs. Barbara J. Mathews, Lexington, MA, genealogist for The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, letter to Mrs. Douglas P. Romaine, Lexington, KY, dated 6 May 1999 which states in part:

"------ Andrew Rogers wrote his will on 18 Dec 1755; it was proved on 6 Jul 1756. (reference: Landon C. Bell, "Lunenburg County, Virginia, Wills 1746-1825" (Berryville, VA: Virginia Book Co., 1972), item no. 425, citing 1:160 in the original will book.) The will does not mention William Rogers, who had died four years before it was written, but it does identify Thomas as the Third of Andrews four surviving sons."

See "Notes" under Thomas Rogers, reference to Charlotte Co. VA deed (from letter of Clarke Rogers), indication Thomas and William Rogers were brothers.

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