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William *ROGERS
    Born: ABT 1740, Est. Ireland
    Died: 28 Aug 1782, Hillsbourgh, Orange Co., North Carolina

Union with: Elizabeth (Eleander) *Neely b. ABT 1745, d. 1830, m. ABT 1763


    +John *Rogers (b. ABT 1773, d. 1865)
    +James Rogers (b. ABT 1764, d. May 1807)
     Anne Barbara Rogers (b. 11 May 1776, d. 1850)
     Elenor Rogers (b. ABT 1778, d. 1849)
    +Nancy Rogers (b. 4 Mar 1774, d. 18 May 1865)
    +Margaret Peggy Rogers (b. 1779, d. BEF 1854)
    +Mary Polly Rogers (b. ABT 1767, d. 1 Dec 1851)
    +Jane (Jennie) Rogers (b. ABT 1775, d. 25 Apr 1843)
    +Robert Rogers (b. ABT 1780, d. 15 Jul 1815)
     William Andrew Rogers (b. 14 Dec 1777, d. 25 May 1848)

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 Additional notes:

1 NAME William /*Rogers/
2 PLAC Served as a Private during the American Revolution
2 SOUR S063820
3 PAGE Volumne 16, page 1150 & vol 17, page 244
4 TEXT Certified N.C. Historical Commission
served as a Private

Copy of Will is in Raleigh, North Carolina Archives

In the American Revolution William was a Sargent in the 10th Regement Sharps Co. on November 10, 1779. He served three months. William Rogers was a captian in the North Carolina Militia in Hillsbourgh as Quartermasters. Some of his men were captured by General Cornwallis when he took the town.

Will of Wm Rodgers

In the name of god amen I William Rodgers of the County of Orange & State of North Carolina being in good health and sound mind and memory and knowing it is appointed for all men to die do make this my last will and testament.

First of all, I recommend my soul to almighty god who gave it and my body to the Earth to be decently buried in a decent manner and as touching such world by estate it is pleased god to bless me with in this life I give and dispose in the following manner.

First I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Nelly Rodgers all my household and kitchen furniture also the house & land where I now live also all stock of horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep and all Negros during her natural life and to be left to her disposal at her death only such things as shall be mentioned that is to say. (mark)

Next I give and bequeath unto my son John Rodgers two hundred acres of land lying south and west of my plantation with the part I have already given him. (mark)

I give unto my son William Rodgers three acres of land of land running down his branch and including his spring with a property by I have already given him. (mark)

I give unto my daughter Anne Rodgers two hundred acres of land lying east and south of my house & known by where my son James formerly lived & also two beds and furniture, one Negro boy by the name of Peter and one horse and saddle the horse known by the name of Jack also two cows and calfs, but it is understood that if she should marry before her mothers death she is not to get but one hundred acres of land.
I give to my son in law Casin Caps the sum of five dollars bedides the property I have already given him.I give unto my daughter Polly Caps and her children a equal share of the estate after my death to be included for there use. (mark)

Next it is my will that if any of my children should die without leaving any children that there part of the estate to equity divided among the rest of the other children and it is my desire if my wife think best to order all the property to be set up and sold to the highest bidder and equity divided amongst all childrenand there heirs.

Last of all I appoint and ordain my beloved wife Nelly Rogers my executors & my two sons William Rodgers and John Rogers executors of this my last will and testament dictating this to be the last and no other in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & seal this eight day of Jan 1813

Signed in the presents of us

William Rodgers
Andrew Gibson
Jeney Gibson

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